' I ask a question, this I ask of you...
Is doing right , even if your heart should break
A greater thing than being happy
Whichever means that might take?'

From 'The Third Wish' by Deby Adair

When dreams come true...When dreams come true...

From 'Journey of Trees' by Deby Adair

Chapter One


'Tonight, I discovered a secret, a secret so bold that my being recoils. Yet, despite the disbelief, my heart quickens with a reckless elation. I cannot tell my secret.

Not yet. For others to learn it they must follow me to places that whisper my name and draw the sinews of knowledge from my heart and mind.'

Bold secrets begin in blossom trees...Bold secrets begin in blossom trees...

The Dream's Beginning

'Listen carefully, for I know a tale. I heard it from a traveller when I was still a child. Her face was shadowed by a plain brown hood and her cloak rubbed well-worn shoes. Gazing from wonderful, eerie eyes, there strode a dog by her side.'

'Wish' by Deby Adair

Reaching for the clouds...Reaching for the clouds...
Where the stars will lead...Where the stars will lead...

'You don't happen to know the riddle of unicorns then, by any chance, Rielle?'

'Wish' - Dream's Beginning